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A Certified SEO Copywriter develops a unique message to position her client as the “go-to-expert” in their field. She researches rankable key phrases & creates a strategy to connect with customers and increase sales.


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It’s not as tough or mysterious. But it IS critical that you include it. #understatement


How do I get started?

Strategic Content Planner


A Strategic Content Plan gives the best bang for your thinking buck. Your time is valuable. So is your business. Maximize your messaging with a strategic content plan. Sooner than later, peeps.


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Freelance writer since 1998

A freelance writer for decades.
Pro copywriter for years.

Serving fresh content daily from West Seattle

Collaborate with an experienced idea-generator & communicator.

Creating content that converts

Committed continual improvement in skills and results.

How does it work?

We talk.  I write.  We edit & publish.

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Strategy for the WIN! 

And the clicks, likes, comments, follows and shares.

These are the basics in creating a content strategy.

If you begin here, aaaaand are willing to deliver good quality content, you’re on your way to successful connections, conversions & rankings.

Getting started

You must know exactly who you’re talking to. You can have more than one type of “best customer”.

How well do you know your best customer/s?

Your place in the market

A clear business message stands firm & shares exactly what a business gives and how it serves the market.

What’s so special about your business?

Keywords & keyphrases

Many local businesses don’t know which terms they can or ought to try to rank for on search engines.

Get researched keywords & keyphrases.

Let's get to the juicy crunch of success together!

Writing a fantastic site can be a fun & satisfying process for both of us!

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