Taught a Blog Boot Camp to a local company today. Three locations, a brilliant kitchen, a solid brand voice and 5 eager bloggers. Score!

Now, words are my realm. Images, not so much. I know a few photography tactics…Enough to be dangerous. And danger wasn’t my legacy today.
A few months ago, a new-to-me photographer offhandedly shared she wanted to create a new product – a smartphone photography tutorial for businesses. Skills by soon-to-be blogging customers need.

While she hadn’t created the tutorial yet, I knew her work and invited her to lead and teach for 30 minutes of this 3-hour boot camp. To collaborate.

It broke up  the 3-hour training. And it gave her an opportunity to her create the product she wanted while giving this staff, my customers, better skills.

Found that there’s a real satisfaction in delivering quality training while collaborating with a new professional in business.

Even when I’m not the one to teach it all.

My limited knowledge in this critical-for-blogging area -photography- didn’t need to limit this training.

So, what were the wins?

  • Growth & exposure happened for this photographer.
  • The company got a much better training than one I could’ve given solo.
  • I got to teach the parts I love and work in.

Bottom line: Collaboration is satisfying. Today it created a better product & outcome

And -PS- it paid.

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