When was the last time you updated your email signature line? 

If your answer was “never”, or like mine “I can’t remember”, you could be allowing a marketing opportunity to slip by every time you hit “send”.
I had no plans to write about email sig lines or update my own – on a Sunday! – until inspiration hit. My last edits to my own sig lines were …well, I can’t recall, so I knew I was due.

According to a 2012 study by the software company Varonis Systems, the average person received more than 50 emails a day and a quarter of us received more than 100,

The citation is dated for sure…
I’d bet that most “average” folks are getting 100+ emails a day.

Now, is everyone reading every email? MmmmNo.
Is there still an opportunity? Yes. I’d say so.

Updating this small paragraph of text won’t take long, but can make a big difference when you consider how many messages you send in a day.

Consider the following when refreshing your email signature lines: 

  • Yes. Keep the phone number.
  • Narrow your social media icons to the 3-5 most used ones by you … or even just THE MOST USED icon.
  • Create a different signature line for each type of business or type of work you engage in. If you’re a speaker and coach and writer, consider writing 3 different sig lines – and using them when addressing different audiences.
  • Got your tagline in there?
  • Your company may have a specified look to its email signatures. Definitely adhere to that for brand consistency, and just be sure the information is complete & correct.
  • Is there a recent article that would help or inform your viewer?
    One you wrote or were featured in? How about giving the link to THAT?

And finally, if you’ve chosen to include an inspirational quote in your sig line, take a good hard look at it.

Is it time to replace or refresh it? It may not be, but if it’s been awhile since you’ve really looked at it, check it out. Does it “still fit”?

It felt good to update mine this morning. Kind of like getting a new pair of shoes after wearing the old ones into the ground …never really noticing the scuffs or draggy look they brought to my overall appearance.

Refreshed & edited marketing content feels good & works better.
And an email signature is an easy place to start.

PS – Consider scheduling a tickler for 6 months or a year out to take another look at it. Regular updates = best results.

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