Content Planning 101

Strategic planning for your marketing messages.

Featuring the 1st-ever Strategic Content Planner

Content Planning 101: a system designed for local business owners and marketers who are ready for steady guidance, a proven method and better results in their online & offline marketing messages.

Order your 2017 Content Planning System now and start getting clear results, more confidence and ongoing professional marketing insights for your online & offline messaging.

It’s taken me more than 4 years to develop this method and the planner tool as a freelance copywriter, content marketer & social media strategist for you. Plus, another year, to get the process down and into a shareable form.

The 2017 Content Planning 101 deliverables include:
– Strategic Content Planner (in book form, Jan – Dec 2017)
– a PDF version of the 2017 Planner
– Platform inventory worksheet for your best & fastest start to strategizing your best messages

– Premium task-oriented content to support you in the form of:
– Weekly emails with 1-5 manageable tasks to consider for the week.
– Quarterly checklists mailed right to you
– 2 special reports each year (fast start video and fast start blogging)

The price?
$151.00 for the whole system for 1 year.

Get steady support from a pro in the field. Get relevant actionable tasks in the right amount, at the right time… without being overwhelmed.

Get tips, suggestions, examples of what other owners are doing to keep your marketing process pain-free and your ideas, energy & momentum flowing.

Why paper?
I get this question a lot. And have found in the last 4+ years that planning on paper has singular benefits (better focus, better overall message).

There are studied and proven benefits to writing notes offline vs. writing with a keyboard (PDF source: voila!). This is just one of many available. More to be released and shared in the blog as we move through the year.

More than scientific studies though, I’ve taken this handwriting theory on the road as a freelancer for the last 4+ years locally. Strategizing and writing for local businesses and neighbors. My work is roughly 600% better (more focused, yielding better results, and even wayyyyy more fun to develop) when at least SOME of the project – the initial, strategic part – is done by hand.
With my trusted G2 Pilot pens and paper.

Old school? Yes.

But for better results and a better, clearer message.

I’ll do it.

Will you?

Giving back
Before I ever got even one draft to a printer, I was thinking about how I could contribute back to the resource I was engaging. Paper…and thus, trees!

So, I made a committment in the way of becoming a Small Business Partner with the National Forest Foundation.

Regardless of sales, my company makes a monthly minimum contribution. Plus, with every book, whether donated or paid for, my company makes a donation that’s 10% of the core system price. You’ll see updates about levels and amounts in blog posts throughout the year. For 2017, I actually have a goal number to give $65k to the National Forest Foundation. 

Scary number? You betcha. And it’s a great goal to achieve!

So, giving back is built in regardless of the sales numbers.

Plan on paper. Implement online. Better messaging with a system you’ll always know how to use: a book planner.

Ready to level up your marketing and messaging? To work smarter, not harder? Strategic, focused…and complete!
The 2017 Content Planning System is what you’ve been looking for.

Order now.

Not right for you? That’s okay too!
Whether you utilize this system or not, allow me to URGE YOU TO PLAN your messaging and monitoring process with some kind of tool, method or system.

Get your 2017 Content Planning 101 kit today!
You’ll be glad you did. Let’s take on 2017 together!

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‘PS – If you’d prefer more custom help to get you to your messaging goals and plans faster, additional support is definitely available. Email your request and we’ll see if we’re a good fit to customize a strategy that will yield results for your business.