Wendy Sloneker, Certified SEO Freelance Copywriter & Content Marketer

HI. I’m Wendy.

Your neighbor & Certified SEO freelance copywriter
& content marketer.

Ready to share your story?

The little, yet critical, daily details about who you are and how you do business.

Some examples might be ….how you:

  • Help our community.
  • Assist your neighbors.
  • Deliver valuable, life-improving service to your customers.

Daily. No matter what.

You know you do.

I know you do.

And I’m ready.

I love:
your stories
your services
your products

Our community.

My dear Owner, you are courageous, creative, hard working…and out-numbered.

You have a million hats with a million tasks for each hat…am I right?
AND it’s extremely taxing to a person with an already-overfull day to add Marketing or Writing to the list.

Wouldn’t it be better to work with someone who get’s it?

You bet it would!

More partner than vendor

If you’re here for freelance copywriting & content marketing services, great!

What you’ll also get is an ear and heart that will discern your unique message and describe it.

Specialty services here at WSCD, or “The Desk”, include:

  • strategic blog development
  • idea generation
  • editorial calendaring (like a fiend!) and
  • web copywriting


Approach: unslick yet savvy

My style is warm, collaborative, curious and informative.

If you’re looking for greasy promises of 1st page rankings and a million calls the first day your site is up, I’m going to be a huge disappointment.

What actually happens is, even as a freelance copywriter, I become a part of your team.

We collaborate and work toward desired results together. Every step.

Career Snapshot

Freelance writer since the late ’90’s: magazine, book and digital mediums.

Social Media Technology & Implementation Certificate, University of WA, 2012

Opened xow media, llc in 2012, offering freelance social media management & web writing services to local owners like you

Began specific education in content marketing and copywriting with AWAI in 2014

Achieved SEO Copywriter Certification, 2015

Began doing business, under the xow media, llc hub, as West Seattle Content Desk


Creating content that connects & converts

When you’re ready for messaging that connects and engages the people who need your business solutions, then here we go!

And from there, how about building a mutually beneficial – and profitable – relationship with your customers for repeat purchases & long-term loyalty?

Well, Owners, I’m all ears, eyes, heart, curiousity….& would love to chat. Contact me for an afternoon meeting.

One thing: WSCD is no longer offering social media management services at this time.

Wendy Sloneker image, freelance copywriter, Seattle

Wendy Sloneker: Certified SEO Freelance Copywriter & Content Marketer
Content Coaching is also available.

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