Hiring Process

What’s the process in hiring a content producer?

Here’s how it all works:

Interview determines if we’re a good fit & can develop the deliverables on time & within a ballpark budget.

I write it. You review it. We talk.

Contract & Fee Agreement
Contract agreement to work together and initial fee is paid to engage (and get into my calendar).

Deadline schedule
We set it for drafts & edits.I send you the schedule.
You review & approve. We adhere to this.

I deliver to you digitally and you review the text.
Have other trusted folks review it: Does it feel like your business? Sound like your business? Where are the holes?
There are always edits – it’s part of the process. Let’s just make the content better!

Edits & Done
Two rounds of edits between us, per the deadline schedule, and you’ve got content ready to go to your web developer, designer or printer!

Let’s start with the conversation.

I’m hearing you now…
Can’t I just do it all myself?
You can.

And, consider….it’ll take longer and be more frustrating than a professional who’s written dozens of sites already.
How soon would you like your new site to get published?
Or your new messaging to get to your audience?

Another question…When will you do it? If you’re like many business owners, you may have been putting off the task of writing marketing copy or web content for weeks or months already. Always always, things come up to take your attention away from this task….

You’re left with less progress, more distraction and feelings of disappointment & disgust at not getting further along.

Believe me. I wish I had no idea what you’re talking about. 😉

Or maybe, just maybe…You could use an extra hand, another set of eyes, marketing expertise & some accountability?
If you’re really set on writing it yourself, but are having a hard time getting started, consider a Content Consult.

A consult is more of an education about the content process with edits and improvements throughout.
We’ll compare scopes of work and the fee differences too.

Put me on your team and I’m with you every step of the way.


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